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NEO Price Prediction, forecast & Technical Analysis 2022

NEO Price Prediction, forecast & Technical Analysis 2022

NEO has been one of the more popular cryptos in recent months and it is about to be given a new lease on life with its rebranding. NEO’s price will see an increase soon, but there are many unknowns for this coin that may inhibit future growth.

NEO is a cryptocurrency that is currently trading at $5.06 USD with a market cap of $1,868,936,633. NEO has a total supply of 100 million coins and it’s the 11th most popular cryptocurrency on the market. The “neo coin price prediction 2025” will show you what NEO will be worth in 2025.

When it comes to the NEOUSD pair, NEO has plummeted from its new high of $141. From a record high of $198.60 to a low of $3.89, the stock has gone up and down. However, NEO has risen to #56 in the cryptocurrency rankings and has reached a new high of $66.84. It just plummeted to $44.44 from its previous high (as of November 16, 2021) and seems to be a fantastic trading opportunity. Stay tuned as we examine at NEO’s technical analysis and price projection for the future.

NEO Price Prediction, forecast & Technical Analysis 2022

As you can see, NEO is quite volatile, which traders enjoy. Understanding how to profit from market volatility might be a lucrative trading opportunity for you. In chart1.1, you can see that the time window is weekly. NEO had a strong bull run before dropping and consolidating for a long period. It has now regained velocity and begun to increase in intensity. For additional information on technical analysis and setup, continue reading below.


Technical evaluation:

The price of NEOUSDT is now trading in an ascending triangle. Despite the significant decline, it is still maintaining its trendline. As you can see in the chart, it did fake out once, indicating that the purchasers had the upper hand. When it comes to moving average crossovers, we have a 20-100 EMA crossover; it’s still in the triangle, so it doesn’t mean much, but it’s acting as a support level for the time being. The RSI is increasing in strength and is now trading over 50.

NEO Price Prediction, forecast & Technical Analysis 2022


Structure of the Market:

Let’s speak about the long-term structure: if we look at all of the historical data, we can see that it constantly produces lower highs, and the most recent lower high was $66.84, which is a critical level for both short- and long-term trading and investment. If it fails to break through the $66.84 mark, we might be in for another major drop.


If we look at the most recent data for short-term trading, we can see that it is creating higher lows and constructing an ascending triangle pattern due to constant selling pressure from the resistance.

NEO Price Prediction, forecast & Technical Analysis 2022


Let’s say you’re curious in what our analysts predict for NEO. If that’s the case, you may look at our trading setup here (please don’t follow our trading setup blindly; it’s intended for educational reasons, and you should act on your own risk): 


Setup for trading:

Setup time:

Consider buying if the price is over $57.

Stop-loss: below the 100-day exponential moving average


First: $78.26, and if it continues to rise, 

The second goal is $95.26.

Quick Setup:

If it falls below $42.66 a share, it will be considered short. 

Above the 20 EMA, set a stop loss.


The first objective is $35.55, and if it continues to decline, the second target is $35.55.

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 $24.98 is the second goal.


NEO Coin Predictions:

The long-term outlook for NEO seems to be optimistic. With bitcoin’s recent price increase and a bright forecast for future price movement, it may be able to help tiny currencies and the crypto industry. The first aim for bitcoin is $84000, and the second target is $100000, according to our analysts. Bullish momentum in large cryptocurrencies might propel smaller cryptocurrencies higher in the market.



Please do not take a position out of fear of missing out; NEO’s market structure is still being built up, so give it some time. Then, depending on the price movement, execute the trade according to our Long and Short trading strategy. 

Note: Our research and analyses are provided only for educational reasons. Please make a judgment based on your research and risk management strategy. Market risk applies to crypto investments and trading; do thorough study and make your own conclusion.

NEO is a cryptocurrency that has been around for quite some time now. It has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but the price prediction for NEO in 2021 is looking very positive. Reference: neo price prediction 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NEO a good investment 2021?

A: The stock market is volatile, so its difficult to predict the movements of NEO. If you are interested in investing in NEO-based stocks or other companies who use this cryptocurrency on their platform, I recommend doing your research before making a decision.

Is NEO better than ethereum?

A: NEO is better than ethereum.

Is ethereum price predicting 2021?

A: The future price of Ethereum is difficult to predict, but if you are curious about the current price of Ethereum in 2021, its currently worth $306.

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