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Mexican Football Federation stops Liga MX team from selling a stake in a NFT |

Mexican Football Federation stops Liga MX team from selling a stake in a NFT |

The Liga MX is one of the most exciting leagues in world football with top teams like Club America, Chivas, and Monterrey, all competing for the championship. And yet, one team doesn’t want to play like the rest. One of the most successful teams in the league, Tigres UANL, has filed a complaint with the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), claiming that its rival, Club Guadalajara, is trying to get them to sell a stake in the team, by offering to pay a fee of US$100 million for a percentage of the team.

Want to know how you can help make American football safer? This isn’t about sports, it’s about cryptocurrency. A major league Mexican soccer team has finalized an acquisition of a startup that is seeking to bring blockchain to sports. This isn’t just some random startup, either. It’s an effort to overrule the FIFA World Cup’s governing body, FIFA, which would allow a multinational brand like the Liga MX team to potentially create a centralized cryptocurrency of the team’s own.

In an effort to protect the integrity of Mexican football, the Mexican Football Federation has rejected an offer from a team in Liga MX to sell a share of the club, according to a report from ESPN FC. The Nuestra Liga team, Atlante, had proposed to the FMF that they sell a stake in the club to investors. Atlante is owned by a group of investors led by a local businessman in Guadalajara named Jorge Vergara. The FMF, however, is said to have rejected the offer, ruling that any sale of a controlling stake in a Liga MX team is against the law.

Mexican Football Federation stops Liga MX team from selling a stake in a NFT | A group of owners of Necax, an MH League team, want to take advantage of the NFT craze by selling 1% of the team’s shares through the NFT. The ownership group, which owns 50% of the team, is led by Al Tylis and Sam Porter of DC United and also includes soccer star Mesut Özil and Miami Heat player Victor Oladipo. The 1% stake in NFT will be auctioned on trading platform OpenSea, with a starting bid of $1.3 million. NFT candidates will participate in the team’s profits like other shares, but will not have voting rights. The 1% share will be permanent, meaning that even if the other investors dilute, the 1% share will remain the same and will not participate in fundraising if the club needs more money. Moreover, unlike the other actions, NFT is not required to grant a right of first refusal to the existing ownership group. However, existing investors will receive a 10% share on the sale of NFT. Mr Tylis told Bloomberg news agency: If I’m right and other sports teams have NFTs, I think [this action], which is the first of its kind, will have real, tangible long-term value.

MH league disapproves of NFT Nekax

The Mexican Football Federation, which manages the MH League, issued a statement: In accordance with our regulations, membership certificates can only be transferred or changed with the express approval of the MX LIGA Assembly and the confirmation of the Executive Committee and/or the General Assembly of the Mexican Football Federation. They do not support the NFT because it can be sold without their consent, which is a requirement of the property rules. This probably means that Necax’s NFT, if allowed to be sold, will have to go past the MH competition first.

NFT Necaxa could be a milestone for blockchain in sports

Several sports associations, teams and players have already started working with the NFT. The NBA already supports the NFT through Top Shot and a partnership with Dapper Labs. Fanatic, Gary Vaynerchak and Michael Novogratz of Galaxy Digital are starting an NFT company called Candy Digital. Adidas and Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence teamed up with Bitsky for the NFT. However, this NFT from Necaxa is unique in that it sells a stake in a major franchise. This could be a step for sports teams to become DAOs. Necaxa is also unique in that it is not an American team and can trigger global investment in NFT and blockchain technology in football. Support for the world’s greatest sport would be very valuable to the NFT industry.

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