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Earn up to 50% APY by Staking $GLQ on GraphLinq App – Press release Bitcoin News

Earn up to 50% APY by Staking $GLQ on GraphLinq App – Press release Bitcoin News

GraphLinq is a unique cryptocurrency investment platform that is based on the technology of blockchain. The platform is offering the users a unique opportunity to earn up to 50% APY (annual percentage yield) on their investment by staking their GLQ cryptocurrency.

GraphLinq provides a unique way to earn Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash by staking coins. Through a unique combination of virtual machines, the GraphLinq method is the first of its kind. The SiaCoin network technology is used to create a virtual machine that acts as the ‘Proof of Work’, while the Bitcoin network, also known as the Bitcoin Cash network, handles the ‘Proof of Stake’ portion of the process. This combination creates a hybrid network that offers users the ability to earn up to 50% interest within a 30 day period.

GraphLinq is a decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create their own cryptocurrency, using mathematical algorithms. GraphLinq launched on November 1st, 2017, and is the first app on the Ethereum blockchain to allow for blockchain based crowdfunding and investment.

Earn up to 50% APY by Staking $GLQ on GraphLinq App – Press release Bitcoin News Press release PRESS RELEASE. The last useful token that offers stacking to its users/holders is the $GLQ of the GraphLinq protocol. According to etherscan, $GLQ has over 4,500 holders to date, excluding GLQ holders on CEX such as Kucoin, MXC, Gate. This is an important step for the future of the project, as it will encourage more users to become active. Learn more about GraphLinq, the betting mechanism and the steps required to place a bet. What is GraphLinq? GraphLinq, a code-free protocol for on- and off-chain automation launched in March 2021, has come a long way in providing crypto-currency users with an unprecedented model for integrating blockchain automation for any blockchain or non-blockchain related task. The goal of the GraphLinq protocol is to allow users to communicate as easily as possible between the blockchain and any connected system, without any prior knowledge of coding. The GraphLinq ecosystem currently consists of an engine, an integrated development environment (IDE), and an application to provide automated services using centralized/decentralized data streams, multiple blockchains, etc. They’ve also recently partnered with Polygon Network (formerly Matic), which offers several opportunities. Learn: | Create: | Deploy immediately: | Analyze: About the $GLQ character GLQ is the native token of GraphLinq’s Ethereum-based ecosystem (ERC20). It is used to run the graph on the core network of the platform to execute various processes on the blockchain to automate tasks, trigger events, etc. GLQ is used as a payment method on the GraphLinq marketplace, where models are bought and sold on a peer-to-peer basis. GLQ’s functionality and usage scenarios will expand as the ecosystem evolves, as described in the Graphlinq documentation. Everything you need to know about betting on $GLQ GraphLinq has finally announced the launch of the long-awaited GLQ Bets in the GraphLinq app, which encourages GLQ holders to earn passive rewards. GLQ holders can earn up to 50% APY in rewards based on a unique scoring mechanism designed to encourage long-term holders. First, the rankings by level are decentralized as follows: -> The top 15% of all stackers will be on Tier 1 and receive 50% APY. -> The next 40% of stackers are at level 2 and get 25% APY. -> Other stackers fall into category 3 and receive 12.5% APY. The current annual yield is valid for a limited time only and will be updated in the near future. When you place your first bet, you will first be in level three, and then you will move to higher levels by holding your bet for a longer period of time. As you place more bets, you may find yourself in the top 15% or the next 40%, increasing your rank. In addition, higher level stackers/sitters could be relegated to the next lower levels if they withdraw their LQ duties, ultimately rewarding the long established staff. It’s simple: The longer you hold the loan, the more likely it is that your rating will move to the next level with a higher annual return. With each withdrawal, you will lose your benefits, which benefit the cardholders the most. The first payment halves your APY (unless you are at level three), and the second payment returns you to the last level with the lowest APY. However, claiming a GLQ will not affect your ranks or awards. (You can track bets and claim rewards for them on the live betting page of the GraphLinq app) Note: The team noted that the current annual return on betting bonuses is for a limited time only and will be adjusted from time to time in the near future. How to buy and bid on $GLQ in 3 easy steps? A step-by-step guide to using your $GLQ to get up to 50% off APR! Step 1 First, make sure you have $GLQ. If you are still looking for a way to get $GLQ, you can secure your package here:

  • Buy $GLQ at with Fiat using one of the following payment methods: SEPA, UPI, IMPS, Faster Payments Bank transfer, credit and debit cards. This method requires you to confirm your KYC and enter your ERC20 portfolio address to receive the GLQ.
  • Exchange your ETH/ERC20 for $GLQ at Uniswap Wallet, 1inch, Metamask.
  • You can also buy $GLQ on one of these centralized exchanges (CEX): Kucoin, MXC,

Video lesson on how to buy GLQ: Step 2

  • Connect your ERC20 wallet, such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc. to the GraphLinq application by selecting the wallet you want to use.
  • Approve the connection by clicking the Sign button.

Step 3

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  • Access the strike interface by clicking Stake your GLQ on the top panel or Stake Interface on the side panel.
  • Once you enter the betting interface, you will see the total GLQ wagered, my GLQ wagered, my rewards to claim, and your current level.
  • In the wed interface, you will find options to record QGLs and claim rewards.
  • But first, we need to stab some GLQs. To do this, enter the desired GLQ amount for the bet in the Bet your GLQ field. After entering the correct number, click Bet Now and confirm the contract on the connected wallet. Then, after receiving approval from your wallet, click Bet Now again and confirm on the connected wallet to complete the betting.

Video lesson on how to give GLQ: Congratulations, your GLQ application has been accepted. This is a press release. Readers should exercise their own due diligence before taking any action with respect to the advertised company or any of its affiliates or services. shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services mentioned in the press release. Photo credit: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki CommonsGraphLinq, the blockchain-based digital asset trading platform, today announced that the digital asset token GLQ (GLQ) is now available to be held in a digital wallet on its GraphLinq App. Tokens can be held in various wallets, including Exodus, Jaxx, Coinomi, and MyEtherWallet.. Read more about graphlinq protocol and let us know what you think.

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