DC Comics Warns Freelancers Not to Participate in NFT Auctions Featuring the Company’s IP – Bitcoin News

DC Comics Warns Freelancers Not to Participate in NFT Auctions Featuring the Company’s IP – Bitcoin News

US comic book publisher DC Comics could join the non-disruptive token (NFT) ecosystem in the future. The company is the oldest publisher of comic books in the United States and features characters such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. In a letter dated 11. In March 2021, DC Comics’ senior vice president of legal affairs wrote to Freelancers that DC was exploring opportunities to enter the NFT market.

DC is exploring opportunities to distribute and sell original digital works of DC through NFT

DC Comics’ letter was revealed in a report by Gizmodo i09’s Rob Bricken, which reveals that the US comic book publisher is exploring blockchain technology and in particular non-interruptible tokenized assets (NFT). The popular company also doesn’t want independent artists auctioning off NFTs with DC Comics intellectual property (IP).

NFT technology has become so popular that the trend or search term NFT has peaked in the statistics of Google Trends. The letter, written by Jay Cogan, DC Comics’ senior vice president of legal affairs, is a direct appeal to independent artists and appears to warn them against creating DC Comics characters through NFT.

Unintelligible tokens (NFTs) are becoming the latest fan collectibles, generating significant buzz in the digital space, Cogan’s letter explains. DC is exploring opportunities to distribute and sell original DC digital art through NFT, including new art created specifically for the NFT market and original digital art created for DC Comics publications.

The letter adds:

As DC examines the complexities of the NFT market and we work to find a reasonable and fair solution for all parties involved, including fans and collectors, we would like to remind you that offering for sale digital images of DC intellectual property with or without NFT, whether delivered to DC publications or outside of contractual obligations with DC, is not permitted.

DCemployees and freelancers must first contact DC Comics Talent Services before working with DClicensed material.

The letter could be a direct warning to DC employees and freelancers who have already issued NFTs (Nondisclosed Token Assets) with DC images, or to any artist. A few days before Gizmodo, i09 comics editor Jose Delgo sold a Wonder Woman-themed NFT collection through Makersplace. Delgo is known for drawing Wonder Woman and other characters for DC Comics over 30 years ago.

Cogan’s letter urges any DC employee or freelancer approached about NFT classes with DC characters in their work to notify Lawrence Ganem, vice president of DC’s Talent Services.

We expect that the participation of DC independents will become an integral part of the NMT program that DC is implementing, the letter concludes. We will provide additional information as it becomes available, and we appreciate your cooperation and partnership.

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