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Crypto Exchange Bitmex Plans to Send Physical Bitcoin to Moon

Crypto Exchange Bitmex Plans to Send Physical Bitcoin to Moon

The largest Bitcoin market in the world, BitMEX has announced that they will be sending physical Bitcoins to the moon. They plan to send one coin, as well as a “Moon Codex” that details the history of cryptocurrencies.

Bitmex, a cryptocurrency exchange, plans to send physical bitcoins to the moon by launching a rocket and landing a satellite. The reason for doing this is to help people know about Bitmex and grow its community. The Bitmex team will support this mission by broadcasting the launch on social media channels and holding a Reddit AMA with CEO Arthur Hayes.

Crypto exchange Bitmex, which is competing with Coinbase in the cryptocurrency space, recently announced plans to send bitcoin (BTC) to the moon in an attempt to revolutionize the current Bitcoin (BTC) mining model. The company is already in the process of providing Bitcoin (BTC) miners with their own personal mining rigs in the form of Bitmax satellites, which are standalone servers designed to mine cryptocurrency. Bitmex will now be sending a physical cryptocurrency to the moon—a physical bitcoin (BTC) which will be a proof of bitcoin (BTC) mining.. Read more about sending bitcoin to the moon and let us know what you think.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitcoin is being sent to Moon via Bitmex.
  • Bitmex is supported by Astrobotic Technology Inc.
  • Elon Musk is planning to launch DOGE to the moon.

Bitmex, a cryptocurrency exchange, said on Friday that it intends to send Bitcoin (BTC) to the moon. As a result, many of them claim that the price of bitcoin has previously gone to the moon. According to Bitmex, a real bitcoin will precisely launch to the moon.

Furthermore, Astrobotic Technology Inc., a renowned space robotics firm, supports the bitmex’s plan to land the coin on the moon’s surface in Pennsylvania. Bitmex, a space robotics firm, sent the first commercial lander to the moon in the fourth quarter of this year.

With its Peregrine lunar lander, NASA has chosen Astrobotic Technological to transport scientific, exploration, and technology demonstration freight to the lunar surface. 

Bitmex has been introduced to the mix.

“A one-of-a-kind physical bitcoin will be minted by Bitmex. Similar to the Casascius coins that Astrobotic sent to the moon in 2013. Under a tamper-evident holographic coating, the coin will contain one bitcoin at a publicly disclosed address.”

Peregrine-1, Astrobotic’s first commercial lunar lander, is scheduled to launch in November 2021. “The cargo is filling a legitimate place on the manifest,” Bitmex stated. It will be the first-ever bitcoin on the Moon’s surface, with photographic proof to back it up.”

As a result, the coin will show.

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  • Bitmex is the company’s name.
  • The mission’s title
  • The year the coin was struck.
  • The price of bitcoin at the moment of its creation.

More importantly, according to Alex Hoptner, CEO of Bitmex, “for all the hype about bitcoin going to the moon, we’re going to accomplish it.”

As a result, Elon Musk, the CEO of Referencing Spacex, is planning to launch DOGE to the moon. “We have nothing against Dog Money, [but] we thought it only fair to assist bitcoin get there first,” Bitmex replied.

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Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has announced they are planning to send physical bitcoin to the Moon. The Bitmex Space Program is an offshoot of the cryptocurrency exchange. The company recently announced that it has secured $1 million to fund the project, and plans to send what it calls the first “bitcoin plume” to the Moon. The company’s ultimate goal is to land on the moon and mine bitcoins for cash.. Read more about $100k bitcoin and let us know what you think.

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