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BlockSwap Network Announces Balancer LBP And Uniswap LP Incentive

BlockSwap Network Announces Balancer LBP And Uniswap LP Incentive

BlockSwap Network Announces Balancer LBP And Uniswap LP Incentive

George Town, Cayman Islands, 19. April 2021, Channel.

BlockSwap Network is preparing the final steps for the launch of the Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapper Pool. The event includes the presentation of cBSN coins from the 19th to the 22nd. April 2021. This ERC-20 token is for the BlockSwap Community Net and gives users access to current and future tools.

Through a liquidity bootstrapping event, BlockSwap will fairly distribute the CBSN token widely. Balancing events get a lot of attention from all major token distribution projects and allow users to explore a fair pricing structure by placing bids on the token.

CommunityNet token holders will have access to several products under the BlockSwap Network banner. The cBSN token serves as a gateway to demo products and receives incentive rewards. Examine activities including cessation liquidity rules, management-based incentives, and future solutions to be added in the near future.

We see the LBP balancer as the best mechanism for an honest startup to get their hands on as many cBSN tokens as possible and give users access to all of our demo products in a secure environment while collecting rewards for their participation, says Scott Trowbridge, COO of BlockSwap.

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There will be only one pool of balancers for the cBSN, to which users cannot contribute money. To avoid any misunderstandings, the team will soon announce the contract address for the Balancer LBP event via the official BlockSwap Twitter account.

After the LBP event, cBSN tokens will be fully available in users’ wallets. The Uniswap LP incentive pool will launch on April 25 and the StakeHouse LP CommunityNet will launch in early June 2021. Details of the roadmap will be published accordingly. Follow news and updates on Telegram channel .

About the BlockSwap network

BlockSwap Network makes the benefits of proof stacking available to everyone as a sustainable revenue stream, and incentivizes existing stack operators and PoS token holders by discouraging ordinary users from engaging in the volatility of crypto assets and the complexity of the stacking process.

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